Comments about Jerry's instruction

"Jerry Wakeford has a great attitude; is gentle, proficient, and very knowledgeable."
Charles Jardine (author, artist, and flyfishing demonstrator/instructor); writing in Flytying and Flyfishing magazine

"A day learning to fly fish with Jerry has guaranteed my 21 year old son and myself with a lifetime of fly fishing enjoyment. It endorsed the hours spent trying to find a certified fly fishing instructor who could pass on decades of acquired knowledge in a single day. Jerry proved to be that man. He provided insight, knowledge and more vitally encouragement to exceed our expectations. He does not spend hours demonstrating his own prowess, he takes time and care to teach you, whatever your standard and experience level. Theory and basic dry training completed, the subsequent 7 hours of practical tuition on Holbury Lakes not only reinforced Jerry's key messages but confirmed to the both of us that fly fishing would provide years of fun. Jerry has provided us with the skills to build on the knowledge imparted; and more importantly, he has provided us with the confidence to accompany friends on days out fly fishing. The best and the worst was left to the end, when Jerry said "You now know enough that you no longer require my services", but I know that he has so much more to teach, hence an advanced day-out next year is already a must. For us, the whole experience has been priceless."
G & M van den Berg; Tadley

"Please convey my thanks and appreciation. Duncan and Jerry are fantastic ambassadors of the sport and looked after (us) extremely well."
D. Waters; London

"Thank you for a really smashing day, the memories of which will stay with me . . . I was reflecting on what I had actually learnt last evening and it only became apparent then just how much I had picked up in the single day. The reality of landing two fish which you hooked and the one that I managed with your guidance single-handed was the real icing on the cake . . . I'm sure you could charm fish out of a sand pit!"
G. Humphries; Southampton

"Very many thanks . . . for all your efforts last Thursday to make our Fishing Day such a success. We have had some delighted comments about the day from our guests, and they have been most complimentary about the excellent fishing instruction."
K. Kemp; Winchester

"I am writing to let you know what a fantastic day I have had today with Jerry Wakeford . . . [he] set about correcting my casting errors in what I can only describe as the most simple and effective manner I have ever come across in any subject . . . I wanted to let you know what a talented instructor Jerry is . . . he really made the day for me."
W. Irving; Pewsey

" . . . just a little note to thank you for the wonderful day's fishing. I learned a great deal and enjoyed myself at the same time. I very much look forward to getting together again."
Client from Cobham

"Jerry's qualifications are backed by a depth of experience and the ability to communicate at all levels and to all ages, to impart his skills and knowledge. Jerry's help has given me increased satisfaction from my angling."
J.B. Rose; Hampshire (edited extract)

" . . . thank you so much for a 24th birthday that I will never forget! Someone did not believe that I had been fly fishing and actually asked me what bait I used. I replied that the fly used would depend on the weather, visibility, and season!!"
K. Oldaker

"It was a real pleasure to be taught by a genuine expert in such beautiful surroundings. I can safely say that I have been bitten by the flyfishing bug . . . Thanks again for a wonderful day and for being so calm and patient with a hopeless novice."
M. Hall; London

"Thank you so much for the great tuition. I feel my casting is much better and I can now set my rod up myself." "Thank you for teaching me how to fly fish and about the fish."
Laura Abberley (13); and Sophie Abberley (8)

"Thanks for the past two days—you were great and I could tell Ian [Botham] and Eric [Clapton] were very happy to be guided & helped by you"
Simon Cooper of "Fishing Breaks"

"Just a line to let you know how much I enjoyed my day . . . it was really good to hold a fishing rod again and your tuition has given me the confidence to make a start on my own . . . many thanks for all your help."
M. Lucas; Petersfield

"With (Jerry's) expert teaching abilities and knowledge I can now cast easily 70 ft and catch fish in all weather conditions. Holbury Lakes is the friendliest and one of the most scenic fisheries I have been to; I most highly recommend it."
P. Steele; Southampton

"I have learned a great deal from (Jerry's) patient instruction at this water. Consequently my enjoyment of fishing and catch rate have improved considerably."
G. Ashton; Hampshire

"Many thanks for a wonderful fishing experience; I've been promoting you to everyone I know! "
P. Collins; Nashville, Tennessee

"My kindest regards to Jerry. I enjoyed fishing with him. He taught me some important techniques and tips, so I could catch brown trout and rainbow under tough conditions! "
Junichi Tomita; Japan

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