TVSOF Instructors

Test Valley School of Flyfishing (TVSOF) instructors are all friendly, very experienced, knowledgeable, qualified, and patient!

Chief Instructor and TVSOF founder Jerry Wakeford is a STANIC-registered instructor who has been a keen fly fisherman for 35 years. Jerry prides himself on being able to pass on his expertise to all levels of pupils, from beginners to advanced, and from young to old. Being ambidextrous, at least as far as fishing is concerned, he can cast with either hand, which is useful in teaching left-handed fly fishers.

Jerry does the majority of the teaching, but all TVSOF instructors use the same general teaching methods and approach. In your flyfishing course, the instructor will:

  • Teach/demonstrate everything you need to know to move to the next flyfishing skill level. This may take you from beginner level to basic competence, or perhaps from intermediate to advanced.
  • If you already have some flyfishing experience, the instructor will assess your current level and tailor the lesson accordingly.
  • Help you adapt your fishing techniques for use on chalkstreams, if desired.
  • Give you a host of tips on casting and fishing.
  • Tell you what flies to use, and the natural flies that the local fish go for.

As a keen naturalist, Jerry can also tell you all about other wildlife that you can expect to see in the area. He also occasionally does casting demonstrations at local events and shows so, especially if you live in the Test Valley area, you might come across him at one of these. See YouTube clip.

Jerry guiding for Eric Clapton (top) and Ian Botham during a day’s filming of "Botham on the Fly".
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