Full Day Beginners (£250)

A comprehensive course aimed at getting you from novice level to basic competence. It covers these topics and a 2 fish ticket:

  • Assembling equipment
  • Tying fishermen’s knots
  • Basic casting techniques
  • Basic entomology (insects)
  • Retrieval techniques
  • Playing a fish
  • Netting a fish securely
  • Humane dispatch
  • Catching and releasing

Full Day (£270)

If you have been fishing for a while and would like to learn the tips and techniques that will help you move up to the next level, this course is for you. It covers these topics and a 2 fish ticket:

  • Double hauling
  • Coping with longer leaders
  • Casting directly into the wind
  • Special casting techniques
  • Delicate dry fly presentation
  • Shooting a fly under trees
  • Choosing leader length
  • Choosing the right fly for the conditions
  • Dry fly techniques for lakes and rivers
  • Stalking techniques on lakes
  • Reading the water for fish movement
  • Catching and releasing

These courses is ideally taken one-on-one. However, we can also teach a group of up to three that you put together yourself. Note: All participants must be at a similar skill and experience level and will cost an additional £150 per person.

Half Day (£150)

Similar to the full day course but if you don’t need tuition on the full list of advanced techniques, you can take a half-day covering selected topics from the advanced one-day course. (The topics you want covered should be agreed by Steve in advance.) Note : All participants must be of a similar skill and experience level and will cost an additional £130 per person.

2 Hour (£70)

Brush up on any aspect of your casting and other fly-fishing techniques.

Tailored instruction and help (P.O.A.)

This might include

  • Guided River Trout Fishing
  • Guided Grayling River Fishing
  • Tuition for small groups
  • Specific personal tuition
  • Tuition on your favourite river
  • Fishing holiday planning
  • Equipment advice

Gift vouchers available for all courses or amounts. Contact Steve for details.


  1. For whole-day courses, lunch (not included in the price) can be taken at a local inn. Let us know at the time of booking if you want to do this.
  2. Whole-day courses run from 9am to 5pm(in the winter to 4pm(or dusk, for river trout or grayling), with a one-hour break for lunch.
  3. For group classes, the maximum group size is 3 (2 for grayling).
  4. Half-day courses run from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm, or from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm.
  5. The minimum age for children taking a course is 8 years. For children aged between 8 and 16, parents or a guardian are requested to be present throughout the period of instruction. River trout fishing and grayling fishing instruction are for adults only.
  6. The price of a day’s guided trout fishing on a local river depends on the river, the beat, and the date. Please note that this offering is very much for experienced flyfishers only.

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